Tranquility ….

There was a young man sitting beside a river … He was so upset , complaining

Shivana was walking and noticed that guy .
He stopped , picked a leaf of tree and threw it in the river ; then told : look at this leaf , when it is in water , it has surrendered itself to the currents of the river and moves with them

Shivana took a stone and threw it in the river . It was heavy so , it went down to the riverbed and stayed there

Shivana told : You saw the stone , it could overcome the currents and remained stable . Which one do you want ? the composure of the leaf or the stone’s ?

The young man told : But the leaf is not tranquil …. It goes up and down by every move , moreover its unknown where it is now . The stone remains stable and despite being in water , it knows where it is and it seems to be more stable
I choose the stone’s composure .

Shivana smiled and told : So , why do you complain about the vicissitudes in your life ? If you choose the tranquility and resoluteness of the stone then , keep your resistance and overcome the currents .

Shivana told this and got up to go …. The young man breathed deeply and got up too …. After some steps he asked : If you were me , which one would you choose ?

Shivana answered : I have surrendered myself to the source as I know that I am in a river in which I am submerged in currents so , I am never anxious of what is happening . I can’t even miss a single current of such a beautiful river .

In the middle of the stirring currents of life , there are hidden and untold currents of tranquility to discover . You choose the composure but motion of the leaf or the composure but elegance of the stone

Whatever you choose , you will be in river . In a nice river


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