Yes , immortality is happiness if you want ….


Basically the “We” can play many rolls . The “We” that is mortal is different from the “We” which is immortal . Human being is corporeally mortal but what we leave in this world , how we influence the others and other things , how the others remember the humans are all immortal . When your deeds can be immortal then you must be immortal ! because a creator ( one who has done a deed ) can’t be mortal while his / her deed is alive . What we do is like energy ; We are also like energy . Our thoughts , our deeds , and we . ourselves can be reshaped in the other forms . A beautiful drawing is the one in your mind which is drawn on paper , then you have reshaped it . A smile on a poor child’s face to whom you have helped is another form of the kindness in your heart . You have changed your generosity into a smile on a child’s face . Body is like a valuable cloth that you need to wear to enjoy your trip , you have to respect it if you want to continue your journey but that doesnt mean after you arrived to a cozy house , you won’t be able to enjoy the life or you won’t live any more or you wont drink a cafe . Human is mortal and immortal at the same time but is immortal in general .
Death is a bridge which we build ourselves … It is part of the way which we have started to walk but a bridge can’t be dangerous . On the contrary , we need it to enjoy and continue our trip . When we take good equipment and we learn how to be expert in engineering , then we won’t have any worry of the bridge which we will build ourselves . We will be confident that we can build a strong bridge so that we won’t have any worry of crossing it . Our equipment are all those …. hehehehehe . Are all those who you have done . If you want , you can avoid studying engineering or carrying the somehow heavy equipment but , then you will be able to build the bridge ?


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