Full of love ….

A story that today I experienced it . I will appreciate if you read :

You know , Here in Tbilisi , there is central square named : Rustaveli Sq . Normally , there are two streets in Tbilisi that I like walking along them or maybe sitting nearside . There is a famous Georgian author’s statue in the middle of the square ( Rustaveli Square )
I was seated under the statue , reading a book and enjoying the music which was played from the loudspeakers of this cafe .
There are some little children wandering around and asking for money ( They speak Azerbaijanian ) I don’t know what happened , that I saw a waitress has hold one of these children tightly – he started to cry 😦 and then the owner(?) of the cafe arrived and held the hapless child , pulled his ear ( it was bloody red ) and ….
It was horrible . I can’t see someone doing so .
So , I went down , hugged the child and put him on my lap and wiped his tears away , stroke on his head … It was full of love …. full of love and love .
He was 6 years old and his name was Visal . We sang along , a little danced and , he gave me five , a short childish talk …..
It was full of love . His face was smiley at the end …. hope his heart be smiley like his face …. ♥

By the way , I wanna add this : Sometimes , there is no need to say tell someone about his or her wrong deeds . You can just do something kind then you will be teaching the kindness , …

Small deeds of kindness are components of the global peace . Peace and love ♥


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