A little angel

I don’t know you remember or not but , once I told you about a cross-eyed poor little girl in metro asking for money . The little angel that shook my heart and numbed my mind . A girl whose mother loves her so much -you can just get it by looking at the shabby but colorful clothes on her thin body . One who bears the most beautiful eyes . Today , I saw her again . I feel ashamed again and my mind numb again . She has a younger brother , maybe 4-5 years old . However I don’t have any valuable thing to help them but , this time I had bought a pack of biscuits . Offered it – The little boy took a handful . A handful means just 3 or 4 cuz his hands were as little as the wings of the silky butterfly . I was crazy – Oh GOD …… If they have asked the mountains , surely they would disappear out of shame . And his sister took some like her brother – Her brother told something in Georgian and the girl put the rest back in packet except for just one . I gave more and more to them but …… That is not enough . I wish I had some valuable things to share with them . Really sharing your joy , your biscuits , hope , love , kindness and peace is the most pleasant . Try it … just one time . Please . Thank you .


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