It is really cold outside

Is it cold outside ? You can’t stay outside even for a few minutes ? Have you ever asked yourself : What is the difference between us and those suffering outside ? Aren’t them all our brothers and sisters ? Don’t they deserve even a cup of coffee ?
I don’t know you have ever experienced how helpful can be a cup of warm tea or coffee when you don’t have anything to eat or drink … Do you know how great is when somebody gives you a blanket , a sweater , a pair of gloves , a pair of shoes , a jacket , … while you don’t have anything to shield yourself from bitter blowing gusts of the pungent cold weather ? I wish you never be in such a situations and I ask you earnestly to help whoever needs help in this cold weather . By the way , remember our little friends , our lovely friends , sweet animals ; they also need your help . Bread crumbs , sweet biscuits , dog and cat food , a tiny shelter , … can help them to see another spring .


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