Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy with its devastating anger came , killed , ruined and went BUT , did not wake us up from the deep sleep . 

First , lets pray for those who are not among us .
Hurricane Sandy was so strong , killed about hundred of people in its way . 

If you have watched global channels , you have been able to follow the news and maybe thousands of news , live reports , talks , debates and , … have been broadcast .

When we look at the fatality rate , it might not surpass 200 .
The world was focused on this hurricane and they had to do so ; we thank those who covered this bitter happening , BUT , BUT , BUT , I wish it could at least remind us that every year , millions of people , especially innocent children starve in the world and we might not even hear a single news , even we might not think for a while in a year about them .

Ok , we still ignore our poor brothers and sisters while , their hearts are full of the light of hope .
We still ignore them while they still expect a Dollar that can save a child and his or her mother .
I don’t know what to say . I hope you fight , united with me , fight together to help each other .
We fight together to help each other .


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