A little boy entered to an ice cream shop and sat at the table ; waiter came to take his order .Little boy asked ” how much is a fruit ice cream ? Waiter answered ” 50 cents ” . The little customer took a look at his money and began to calculate ; after few seconds he asked again ” how much is a simple one ? ” the waiter replied angrily ” 35 cents ” . The innocent child again counted his money and told ” please bring a simple ice cream ” .

The waiter brought the ice cream and went away .The little boy served his ice cream and paid the cash to cashier and left the shop ; when the waiter came back and saw an amazing scene , he was completely astonished because he saw that the boyhas left 15 cents as a tip for waiter .

Learn being generous from him !


Father was reading a newspaper ; his son was badgering him ; father desisted from reading and cut off a newspaper page with a map of the world on it then , fragmented it , gave it to his son and asked him to arrange it in proper mode then , resumed his reading ; he was confident that his son will be busy all the day .

Few minutes later the little child came back with a properly arranged map . Father asked excitedly ” Has your mother taught you Geography ? ” .

His son replied ” what is the Geography ? ” .

His father told ” so .. so .. How did you arrange it ? ” .

His son told to his father that there was a human picture overleaf , when I put its pieces together then , I could remake the world .

Truly if the human being can behave logically we will be able to have an ideal world .



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