Revive the continent …

In the name of GOD , the compassionate , the merciful .

Hello !

In this post I would like to propose a way for reviving the continent of Africa which its deprivation and hardship can be considered as an upshot of our negligence and inequity .

In my opinion agriculture should be first priority to rescue the black continent and revitalise it for next generations ; This fact can act as a saviour  . When politicians of the world (not just African politicians) help to boost the agriculture in this land ; we can easily feel its effects on it and many other ensuing advantages that will come improve each part of everyone’s life .

In this matter we need to use scientists suggestions and scientific ways to have huge yield .

We can use GM ( genetically modified ) seeds and modern machines in this scheme ; we should mechanise farming and irrigation system ; educate farmers to grow crops . Taking advantage from clean energy such as using solar panels should not be ignored .

I would like to mention some benefits of Agriculture in Africa however I do not want to elaborate .

– If we actualise this scheme automatically the need for higher education will be perceived notably .

– the hunger problem will be extincted .

– building new firms and companies for packing and manufacturing diverse machines is compulsory .

– Businessmen from all over the world will have to come to negotiate with farmers and companies .

– automatically countless jobs will be created .

– lots of tourists will come from different countries .

– industry will grow rapidly .

– the population of livestock will increase .

– the growing worry of food shortage in the world will be alleviated .

– the government will have suffice money to invest in different parts .

Dear riders ! My dear friends ! Africa needs our help ; we should help them . Many problems beset this prosperous land . . We help everyone and our hard-working friends , Africans .

You have more , better or other solutions in your mind . Leave a comment in your own blog.

Thank you ,


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