GOD ! Help them please !

In the name of GOD , the compassionate , the merciful .

Hi everybody !

I don’t know what I should write about the below picture . It turned me to a gloomy mood . It is so regretful , deplorable , reprehensible , shameful and considerable first for everyone who calls himself / herself human and second for the government of China which is oblivious neglectful of it’s people .

In this picture we can see a large family mounted on motorcycle and the worst part of this sorrowful story of life is the children who don’t have any right to protest ; in fact they are innocent  ; they have trusted in their parents ; they think the life must be like this ; who knows maybe they are enjoying commuting by motorbike !

Some people ride luxurious cars , some have only a motorcycle and some even don’t have it. It is incumbent upon us to help them . ( It is everyone’s right to has a desirable life ) .

I don’t know how many pillions can ride a rickety moto !!!

Whose responsibility is to admonish them and more important to provide them an acceptable living condition .

Please take strong notice to the hand of a baby who wants to catch his mother’s hand . He is so scared ! 😦 . GOD ! Help them please !

Oh … . My GOD … .

The naked baby inside the buckle ( ! ) will change the future ?!?!

I am confident he will do . Just wait .

World’s children ! Don’t be dismal ! We help you !

By the willing of GOD we help them to perceive the life and and enjoy it . 🙂


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