My TV is not racist …

In the name of GOD , the compassionate , the merciful .

Today I would like to write about an issue that maybe is not very distinct but , acts as a pernicious threat to the integrity of every society and looks like to be an ominous obstruction in the stream of our attempts and campaign against discrimination and racism .

The subject of today’s post is about recruiting and employing people with pale complexion rather than people with dark complexion in the media such as TV or in advertisement and even in fashion business.

I think it is about the time to took action against racism and extinct it so , it would not be successful unless we reinforce cultural schemes and allocate more time to rectify the defects . We need a seismic shift in this matter .

What is the reason of advertising different goods just by using white models ?

Why the toy factories make most of their dolls in white colour ?

Why can we see only few people working as a television presenter ?

Why … ?

Why … ? Why … ?

The answer is completely clear .

Try not to justify the faults , devise new ways to solve them ; if the solution is available then , be brave enough to use it . this is the simplest !

For making people happier and building a light future we should do every endeavor  .

Thank you !


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