Tear the rope …

In the name of GOD , the compassionate , the merciful .
An animal tamer who is working in circus uses very simple trick to tame the elephants . When the animal is very young , the cunning tamer tie one of his legs up to the trunk of a tree . the innocent animal’s strive to extricate himself is pure vain ; gradually the belief of being weaker than the tree takes shape in animal’s brain . When the elephant is grown up , a rope will be adequate to tether the hapless elephant . Elephant will not do anything to set himself free of the rope .

This  informative tale is about a useful topic which admonishes us that sometimes our leg has been tied up by breakable and thin ropes but since we have believed to the power of the tree from childhood so , we can not being so brave to try and struggle .There is only one step left until the best .
Note : this is a helpful story but I am seriously oppose to bother the animals and exploit them in order to gain what you want .I am adversary of using animals in circuses and I believe that legislators should legislate strict laws in order to protect animals and provide them the safe environment .


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