Animals are hungry …

Hello everyone !

How are you ?

I hope you had a great new year and you are spending your holidays beautifully .

Today I would like to write about our friends ; some of them fly, some of them move on ground , creep or swim ; anyway all of them are our friends .

Yes ! you guessed truly  ; they are animals .

While you huddle around fireplace and read story or watch TV , they strive to survive outside in cold weather . When you are drinking your hot coffee they look for some food for themselves and their babies .

The ground is covered with snow and in this condition they can hardly scavenge and find food .

Then , As we are benevolent and charitable people , we help them to pass winter well .

Now , every night we do not forget our frinds and we put some food , such as bread , sweat and animals food in windowsill , balcony or at the corner of some places such as parks , etc . Every place that you think is possible to find animals .

This is so enjoyable . It will be very helpful for animals .

I am sure they will appreciate your help .

Dont wait please ! go and put some food for our neighbours and make them happy .

Friends ! You are not alone longer ! We feed you . We help you .

Thank you !


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