We celebrate together …

In the name of GOD , the compassionate , the merciful .

Hello everyone ! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

What are you doing ?

You are eating candy ans sweet ; I know 🙂 . Bon appetite !

Today I would like to talk about Christmas , New year , … .

Every year when Christmas is approaching , we begin to celebrate it together and we have festivity ; certainly we are cheerful . We give present to each other and recive many presents as well . I hope that everyone is happy in world , has a nice day and enjoys his/her holidays .

Christmas is commemorated because , it is the birth of Jesus Christ , who was one of the messengers who endeavoured to spread the sprite of amity and compassion . He carried out his mission ; Peace upon him .

Certainly all of the prophets who were assigned as a messenger from meciful GOD had a transparent mission ; they were determined to redress the balance and all of them moved through a unique course which led to revival of humanity and dissemination of theism kindness , mercy , love ,etc . They helped us to choose the best way and enlightened us .

Today we are the prophets of the world ; we should follow the way of benevolent people and prophets who were the zinith of benevolence .

For instance , we will celebrate New Year and also help the needy children to have a good ceremony during the New Year .

For an emaciated child in an indigent country who is suffering from malnutrition , a bowl of food can be the best present and satisfy his / her wish because , he wants to be survived , that bowl can rescue him/her . I think he imagine Fther Christmas with a pack full of new clothes , food , clean water , medicine or one Dollar ! Now go to the nearest charity association and donate at least 1 Dollar ; that amount may save a child ; that child is our brotheror sister .

Come on ! Represent a real human !


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