Tranquility ….

There was a young man sitting beside a river … He was so upset , complaining

Shivana was walking and noticed that guy .
He stopped , picked a leaf of tree and threw it in the river ; then told : look at this leaf , when it is in water , it has surrendered itself to the currents of the river and moves with them

Shivana took a stone and threw it in the river . It was heavy so , it went down to the riverbed and stayed there

Shivana told : You saw the stone , it could overcome the currents and remained stable . Which one do you want ? the composure of the leaf or the stone’s ?

The young man told : But the leaf is not tranquil …. It goes up and down by every move , moreover its unknown where it is now . The stone remains stable and despite being in water , it knows where it is and it seems to be more stable
I choose the stone’s composure .

Shivana smiled and told : So , why do you complain about the vicissitudes in your life ? If you choose the tranquility and resoluteness of the stone then , keep your resistance and overcome the currents .

Shivana told this and got up to go …. The young man breathed deeply and got up too …. After some steps he asked : If you were me , which one would you choose ?

Shivana answered : I have surrendered myself to the source as I know that I am in a river in which I am submerged in currents so , I am never anxious of what is happening . I can’t even miss a single current of such a beautiful river .

In the middle of the stirring currents of life , there are hidden and untold currents of tranquility to discover . You choose the composure but motion of the leaf or the composure but elegance of the stone

Whatever you choose , you will be in river . In a nice river

Just a small smile and that’s all ….

You haven’t seen how
A smile can endow the life
A cup of tea can save a life
A simple greeting can be all the motivation to live
A small good behavior can give the world to a young person or a hopeful mother
A hopeful sentence can be heart-warming ; really heart-warming
You haven’t seen ….. Just you haven’t seen ……

We are hero these days …

We are good at Facebook
We back the poor people in Facebook
We do the charity in Facebook
We share supportive posts for them in Facebook
Yes , they are no more hungry in Real World
They are no more hungry
They have eaten our posts and are full now
We are heroes of the Facebook life
Thank you Facebook for giving us such a pleasant feeling

Yes , immortality is happiness if you want ….


Basically the “We” can play many rolls . The “We” that is mortal is different from the “We” which is immortal . Human being is corporeally mortal but what we leave in this world , how we influence the others and other things , how the others remember the humans are all immortal . When your deeds can be immortal then you must be immortal ! because a creator ( one who has done a deed ) can’t be mortal while his / her deed is alive . What we do is like energy ; We are also like energy . Our thoughts , our deeds , and we . ourselves can be reshaped in the other forms . A beautiful drawing is the one in your mind which is drawn on paper , then you have reshaped it . A smile on a poor child’s face to whom you have helped is another form of the kindness in your heart . You have changed your generosity into a smile on a child’s face . Body is like a valuable cloth that you need to wear to enjoy your trip , you have to respect it if you want to continue your journey but that doesnt mean after you arrived to a cozy house , you won’t be able to enjoy the life or you won’t live any more or you wont drink a cafe . Human is mortal and immortal at the same time but is immortal in general .
Death is a bridge which we build ourselves … It is part of the way which we have started to walk but a bridge can’t be dangerous . On the contrary , we need it to enjoy and continue our trip . When we take good equipment and we learn how to be expert in engineering , then we won’t have any worry of the bridge which we will build ourselves . We will be confident that we can build a strong bridge so that we won’t have any worry of crossing it . Our equipment are all those …. hehehehehe . Are all those who you have done . If you want , you can avoid studying engineering or carrying the somehow heavy equipment but , then you will be able to build the bridge ?

Life = beauty

4 (1)


I slept , and dreamed that life was beauty
I woke , and found that life was duty
When I did my duty
Then I found that life was beauty
I just heard this amazing poem
Happiness comes when you do your duty

While his soul was completely drunk ….

walking-desert (1)


And his feet couldn’t come with him while his soul was still walking ….
As he was taking steps towards the sun …. or wait , wait …. maybe this time it was the sun running towards him …
His eyes couldn’t see anything but dryness …. His soul claimed to see an ocean ….
He begged for a sip of water while his soul was completely drunk …
And like always …. commander was right …. a drunk commander ….


Happiness originates from inside ….

Human’s appetite is infinite then , only infinite sources can satiate it and whatever limited will just satisfy it for a short while . There is an infinite source of happiness inside us ….
Whatever we see , we feel and we do is a reflection of what is going inside us …. If you see the world in darkness then , light yourself up then , you will see the world in light …. if we seek infinite and pure happiness then , we should look inside ourselves , seek it inside ourselves , find this source which is inside us , bring it up and use it . This source of happiness is what is reflected in the mirror of your surroundings , IF you find it , then your world will be full of light and happiness .